Year Program

REVISED Year Program 2020 – CORONA VIRUS
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This program may be altered depending on what happens after 30 April with Corona Virus and Government Decisions.
Please bear in mind that as a standard rule we close our clubs during School Holidays and Public Holidays.
We then make up these classes by having scheduled Saturday 2 Hour Classes at specified dates.
A Standard Class is 45 Minutes. (As per Dept of Sport Regulations).
How-Ever some Sensei give an Hour Class thus giving you an extra 15 Minutes with each class.
This Year we closed our Schools and Classes on 16 March = prior to the standard School Holidays (20 March) due to the Government decree to close all schools.
The Schools Holidays would have ended on 30 March 2020.
Now we are in Lockeddown until 17 April. (Missing Approximately 6 Classes)
(Bear in mind that there is also a Long Week-end (Easter Weekend)  from 10 to 13 April 2020 during Lockdown.
THE NEW 2020 YEAR PROGRAM (Attached)
1. The Cape Gashuku and Championship have been Re-Scheduled to 14 + 15 June 2020 (Long Weekend and in School holidays)
2. Mpumalanga Championship have been Re-Scheduled to 30 May 2020
3.All Saturday Classes have been extended to 3 Hour Classes.
   (With a 15 minute rest after each 45 minutes
3. We have added Extra Saturday Classes. (Making up 4 More lessons than what we have missed – Just incase Lockdown gets extended)
     23 May 2020 (Make-Up Class 2 Hours / lessons)
     11 July 2020 (Make-Up Class 2 Hours / lessons)
     1 August 2020 (Extra – Just incase Lockdown gets extended).
    29 August 2020 (Extra – Just incase Lockdown gets extended).
BELOW IS A PICTURE (Low Format) of the YEAR PROGRAM as JPG Image