Welcome to Tenshinkan Karate South Africa

Tenshinkan Karate is a Japanese style with headquarters in Japan.
The founder and originator of Tenshinkan Karate is Kancho Mamoru Miwa (World Chief).
Tenshinkan Karate South Africa is a registered and affiliated branch of Tenshinkan Karate Japan.

Tenshinkan Karate is a unique style.
Tenshinkan Karate incorporates three different systems into ONE.

Please note: We are not MMA and we do not do Cage or Ultimate Fighting.
Tenshinkan has been in existence since 1965, long before MMA, or Ultimate Fighting.
We do however incorporate Aikido and Ju-Jitsu (Goshin Jitsu) with Karate.

We have unique concepts in Tenshinkan Karate. These include:
a) Tai-Sabaki (evasion techniques and concepts) – 8 forms
b) Ashi Sabaki – 6 forms
c) Suri Ashi concepts – 2 forms
d) Yori Ashi concepts – 2 forms
e) Tobi concepts
f)  Kaiten concepts
g) Directional concepts:
g1. Happo Doza
g2. Kara Zuki Ichi / Ni / San
g3. Sabaki Doza
g4. Hanmi and Gyaku-Hanmi

1 Demo Kancho & Hans Kumite

Kancho Mamoru Miwa & Hanshi Hans Haupt demonstrating Tai Sabaki (evasion concepts)

The combination of Aikido and Ju-Jitsu techniques with Karate
a) Throwing techniques from Aikido
b) Throwing techniques from Ju-Jitsu
c) Escapes from Grabs and Holds. Applying Locks, Holds & Breaks
d) Grappling and ground fighting Ju-Jitsu techniques
e) Knife defences – 48 different defences
f)  Gun defences
g) Other weapon defences

 KanchoGoshin  5-LockArm-FrontView fight

Weapons training forms part of our system
Our range of weapons include:
a) Kon
b) Nunchaku
c) Tonfa
d) Sai
e) Tekko
f)  Kama
g) Katana

Doing Karate with Aikido and Ju-Jitsu techniques (Goshin Jitsu) and Kobudo (weapons) as part of the Tenshinkan System, forms a complete Martial Art. 

1 Demo Kancho & Hans Stick Sai Falling 1 Kancho Sword Cut2

Hanshi Hans & Kancho Miwa doing Kobu Jitsu demo.     Kancho Miwa doing Katana (Sword) demo.

Sensei Steve Ormandy and son demonstrate Tenshinkan Karate techniques at an award ceremony in South Africa.
This demonstration clearly displays the Tenshinkan Karate style.