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These Help pages are specifically for Students – especially Beginners in Tenshinkan Karate to help them with things they need to know.

We get asked these questions on a regular basis so we have created these pages to help and aid you.

These Pages will constantly be updated and you should visit regularly  to get Bonus Info.



At the door
Remove your shoes and socks
Stand with feet together (Heisoku stance)
Bow and say OSSU!
   Note : Members in Dojo say OSSU! to members entering or leaving
(not said when class is in progress)
Now enter or exit the dojo

Arriving late
If you are late and the class has already commenced, walk up the side of the Dojo to the front of the class. Take up ATTENTION STANCE (HEISOKU stance) until the Sensei stops and turns towards you, then say:
Sumi masen – osoku nari mashta!  Kyo no keiko onegai shimas”,
meaning “Excuse me, I am sorry that I am late.  Please be so kind as to let me train.”
Then bow to the Sensei and only take up class position after he has said OSSU!

If you bow towards your instructor always ensure that you do not rise up before him. (It is always safe to count up to four while bowing). This will be disrespectful if you do so. Always bow in HEISOKU stance (feet together) unless you are kneeling.

Changing place in class
If the Sensei asks you to change your place or position in a class, always bow and say “OSSU! Sensei” – then move fast (run).

Moving about in a Dojo
Never walk in a Dojo – always run.  Walking shows laziness and disrespect.  Always show your willingness of heart by doing everything quickly and with effort.  When in the Dojo do not fool around – keep busy with light exercises or training.

If the Sensei calls you
Bow and say “OSSU! SENSEI” then run towards the Sensei (on the side of the class and not through the centre of the class) and take up attention stance (HEISOKU) until he commands differently. Repeat bow and say “OSSU!” when finished and run back to your position. (“ARISTHA” -Thank You- can also be said).

Talking to your Sensei
Always stand to attention (HEISOKU stance) and always answer with “OSSU! SENSEI”.  Unless the Sensei permits you to stand at ease always show the necessary respect.  Be humble.

Counting in class
Always count loudly – up to 9 in Japanese and then KIAI on the 10th count. (Counting loudly together is a sign of willingness and good spirit).


How to Count