1 Kancho Sword Cut3 Kobudo Badge

Kancho Mamoru Miwa is the World Chief Instructor of the Tenshinkan KobuJitsu System. Originally the Kobujitsu System was incorporated into, and formed part of, the Tenshinkan Karate System starting from Blue Belt (6Kyu) in addition to the Karate and Goshinjitsu, doing one weapon per belt up to Black Belt with the Katana as last weapon. This System was however changed by Kancho Miwa as the System was too complicated and involved for the Western World. Kancho Miwa then modified the Tenshinkan Karate System to only have the Kon and NunChaku in the Standard Tenshinkan Syllabus.(Training in Brown Belt for Sho-Dan). He then separated the rest of the Weapons into the Tenshinkan Kobu-Jitsu System which he formed as a Specialised part of Tenshinkan Karate.

Kancho Miwa based the Tenshinkan KobuJitsu System on the Ryu Kyu Kobudo Hozon Shinkokai System as taught by the late Honourable Motokatsu Inoue Sensei, as well as incorporating forms for the Katana from the the Iaido System.

World Lifestyle Centre, C/o O’Reilly Merry & Malherbe Street, Rynfield, Benoni.
Weapons Class (Kobujitsu) is on Tuesday evenings 19h15 to 20h45 (One and Half Hour class).

Shodan Grading 8-2015 After 4 Years of Training, the members of the Tenshinkan Ryu Kyu KobuJitsu Honbu Dojo, Benoni graded for a DAN Grading. Its been hard work and many hours of training (including four fingers cut to the bone by a sword and other bone & joint knocks during training with the weapons).
The members pictured are as follows:

FRONT ROW. Brenda Du Preez, Roy Pickett (Instructor), Kyle Du Preez.
MIDDLE ROW Claud Van Antwerpen,  Etienne Du Preez.
BACK ROW Jacques Goetz, Daan Steyn, Hanshi Hans Haupt (Chief Instructor), Jaun Esterhuizen, Nico Claassen.

To qualify for Black Belt they had to learn, and master, the required First Range of 7 Weapons.
For Each weapon they have to know (a) The Kata (b) The 5 Man fighting Form (c) Kumite Basics. (Defence and Counter Attacks).
The Range of Weapons graded to obtain Black belt status is as follows:
1. KON – Long Stick. – Traditionally used to carry Water or as Walking Stick).
2. NUNCHAKU – Short Sticks (To Pieces of Stick attached with rope).
3. TONFA – (Same as Police Batton with handle). Traditionally used as rice grinder.
4. KAMMA – Sickle (traditionally used as Rice & Grass cutting Sickle).
5. TEKKO – Knuckle Dusters.
6. SAI – Pronged Fork (Traditionally used as Rice Planting Tool).
7, KATANA – Japanese Sword (Traditionally used by Samurai in Japan).

Syllabus in Pictures