Deputy Chief Instructor

Deputy Chief Instructor for South Africa is:

Attie Coetzer
Kyoshi Attie Coetzer – 8th Dan

Kyoshi Attie Coetzer 8th Dan
Contact: 082-442-8918

Kyoshi Attie Coetzer started as a youngster, when 8 years of age, with Hanshi Hans Haupt.
He has persevered and remained loyal to Tenshinkan Karate and made Tenshinkan Karate his life.
He is a full time instructor in Tenshinkan Karate with dojos in various areas in the Gauteng province.

Kyoshi Attie Coetzer has to his credit many world and international titles which he won.
He has won World Championships in Japan, as well as International Championships in England, Denmark and Europe.
He is regarded as the man with the fastest hands in Tenshinkan Karate.